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Elevating Your Home with a Kitchen-Centric Approach to Staging

Elevating Your Home with a Kitchen-Centric Approach to Staging

The importance of staging your home before going to market cannot be understated, and every single detail counts. The presentation of your home from photography to in-person showings can make all the difference. We are going to dive into the effects of staging your home with a focus on one of the main focal points: the kitchen. When you consider staging your home, it isn’t about only making it attractive, it is about blending attractiveness with an experience, the lifestyle that a potential buyer can feel when they enter the home. You want to maintain a warm and welcoming atmosphere while showcasing the highlights of the home. Let the buyer visualize themselves in the home and picture the lifestyle your home offers.

4 Marjorie Way, Rye, NH | Photo by Mike Barron
Sold July 2023 | $3,250,000

Why is the kitchen so important? The kitchen is not only just a place to cook, it is the focal point of your home, a gathering place for family and guests. Properly staging the kitchen may ultimately be a buyer's deciding factor. Much of the aesthetic appeal of a home resonates from the kitchen. 

What are the key elements for staging your kitchen?

Showcasing custom kitchen features along with high-end brand appliances will certainly elevate the status of your kitchen. 
Neutral color palettes will appeal to a wider range of buyers. If colors are too bold, buyers may have a hard time envisioning changing them. Along with colors, make sure that cabinets and appliances are in pristine condition for showings. A large kitchen island, extensive counter space, and convenient storage are all major highlights when showcasing your kitchen. These items emphasize the layout, functionality, and entertainment space for the buyer which can be significant selling points.

39 Thornell Road, Newton, NH | Photo by Mike Barron
Sold July 2023 | $925,000

Minimize or eliminate clutter on the countertops, and keep them clear with minimal decor. Doing so allows the buyer to envision how they would arrange their items throughout the kitchen. While so far we have focused on a kitchen-centric approach to staging, it is important not to forget to complement the kitchen and ensure the rest of the home is done with such diligence. Keep a similar style of staging throughout the home from colors to decor, this creates a seamless transition from room to room and floor to floor. 


494 Central Road, Rye, NH | Photo by Mike Barron
Sold July 2023 | $2,200,000

In Conclusion

It is important to bring in a professional stager who has a keen eye on how to best set up your home for success. Beginning by focusing on the kitchen and expanding from there ensures a consistent presentation throughout your home and sets your home up for a successful sale. A properly staged home will raise the perceived value of your property, the right presentation can make all the difference in whether or not a buyer ultimately decides to make an offer or not.


For more information about Selling your luxury home, please contact me! At Tate & Foss Sotheby’s International Realty, we pride ourselves on having in-depth knowledge of our market area. We’d like to share that insight with you.


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