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Driving Home Values: Rye's Golf Course Homes

Driving Home Values: Rye’s Golf Course Homes

One thing on many people's minds as we turn the calendar to April is golf! Rye, New Hampshire is home to two country clubs which offer two very different lifestyles for homeowners nearby. Wentworth By The Sea Country Club and Abenaqui Country Club offer more than just amenities like golf, tennis, and social events to members nearby, they are a significant determinant in home values within these clubs' vicinity. Homes located within a short iron of these clubs command a premium as there is a strong link between proximity to the courses and their market value.

When you look at the supporting statistics, properties adjacent to, or within easy access of these private country clubs, these homes are often priced higher than those that are further away. The premium that these homes command is not only the access to the private country clubs, but because of neighborhoods in which they generally are located. 

15 Fairway Drive, Rye, NH

15 Fairway Drive, Rye, NH | Sold for $3,900,000 in September 2023 | Click Here To View

Recent Significant Sales

805 Central Road | Rye Beach | Sold for $6,400,000 in 2022 | Click Here To View

5 Heather Drive | Rye | Sold for $6,300,000 in 2023 | Click Here To View

910 Central Road | Rye Beach | Sold for $2,800,000 in 2021 | Click Here To View

10 Willowbrook Avenue | Rye Beach | Sold for $1,250,000 in 2021 | Click Here To View


While not everyone buying a home Rye is a golfer, the very niche segment of homebuyers that are golfers are willing to pay a premium for the lifestyle and status a golf course home offers. The limited availability of golf course homes in Rye preserves, and helps increase property values over time. Buyers, especially those targeting the luxury market, find in these properties an appealing blend of privacy, prestige, and long-term investment potential. The exclusivity of private golf courses offers an unrivaled living experience. Moreover, the potential for property value appreciation in such locales is an attractive proposition for those looking to make a smart investment.

Beyond the financial implications, the sense of belonging that comes with be a part of a tight knight community that country clubs provides. Events and social gatherings at the clubhouses provide venues for community interaction, a way to meet new people and neighbors, enhancing the quality of life.

In conclusion, the impact of private country clubs on home values in Rye is multifaceted, intertwining economic benefits with quality of life enhancements. This relationship between country clubs and real estate not only shapes the market dynamics of Rye’s property landscape but also reinforces the town’s appeal as a premier destination for homeowners and investors alike.

Questions about buying or selling a golf course home in Rye or the Greater Seacoast? As a past PGA Professional in Rye, I am uniquely positioned to offer enhanced services as I have many personal connections within the golfing community.

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